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Sunday Worship Services

April 27
What Does It Mean to Be Religious-and Are We?
Rev. Roger Jones, Preaching
Musical guests:  Chanteuses choral ensemble and Barbara Lazar, guest pianist

 Our theologically inclusive UU movement is full of heart and vision, but is it religious?

If not, then when did we cease being religious?  Given our historic roots in liberal religion in Transylvania, Poland, Britain and New England, this is worth pondering.

Excused Absence:  You may wish to worship this morning with hundreds of UUs from Honolulu to Fresno to Reno to Humboldt, during the Pacific Central District spring assembly, taking place at the Red Lion Hotel nearby.  Read more here.

 Religious Education at 9:30:  Story Time (age 3-5), Spirit Play (grades 1-5) listens to the story of Noah's Ark, Junior High Youth Group (grades 6-8) & Senior High Youth Group. Child care age 0-5 at both services;  Youth Coming of Age (COA) meeting - 11:00


Times for Sunday Service and Religious Education

 In most seasons we have two Sunday services:  one at 9:30 and one at 11:15 AM.  Refreshments and conversation follow both services.

Our Child & Youth Religious Education programs take place during the 9:30 AM service.  Nursery care is available during both services.  If this is your first visit, we invite you to come a little early to check out where all these programs happen and meet our staff and volunteer leaders.

Adult education programs, activity groups and other meetings often follow the 11:15 service, and many take place on weekdays and evenings as well.  Starting May 18, we have one service with Religious Education ArtWorks at 10:00 AM, followed by refreshments and conversation.

Minister’s Words of Welcome

Roger JonesGreetings! Thanks for visiting our church web site. I’m happy to invite you to visit our Sunday services and other programs as well. You are always welcome here.

We promote spirituality without dogma.

Unitarian Universalist congregations encourage spiritual growth in a community of diverse religious beliefs and practices. You are welcome to explore your spiritual depths, pursue your sense of purpose, and consider your ethical questions--along with the rest of us. You are welcome here, whatever your faith background or your absence of one.

We search for hope and meaning in life.

What you won’t find here at UUSS are people who have all the answers. You won’t find people who have it all together or have life all figured out. Like you, we try to do the best we can. We find it helps us by coming together. We learn together and help out, we sing and listen, we grieve at sad news and provide caring and support. We celebrate and have fun together, and we eat quite a few meals together.

We try to make the world a better place by reaching out beyond our church walls to explore, give, serve, help out, and make our values and our voices heard in this region, in the State of California, and in the nation and world. You are welcome to participate.

We strive to be inclusive.

We are a welcoming congregation, including the human varieties of gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural and ethnic background, family situation, and citizenship or immigration status—as well as varieties of religious perspective. We build community and friendship across the generations. Indeed, congregations are one of the rare places anymore where people of all ages come together to build community.

We hope to get to know you. 

We invite you to get to know us a little better also. Consider attending a Sunday service or other program. After you check out this web site and read more about us, be in touch.

Yours in service,


Rev. Roger Jones
Senior Minister